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Golden Retriever Crazy Dog Ladies

My husband and son came home one day from picking up pet food for their pet ferret.  They saw this male golden retriever and came home begging me to buy them a dog.  Of course the answer was NO since mom cleans up after the ferret.  

After two weeks of avoiding the pet store I felt it was safe to go in.  Guess what this 12 weeks old Golden was still in the glass box all his siblings had sold.  

Lying in that glass box upside down looking up at me. In walks my father in law to the pet store.    A couple hours later and a cart full of products guess who I brought home.

Thus begun my journey on adding to my family.  During my journey through the training, chewing, barking, illnesses, feeding and the incidents. 

These are our pets, our stories, our happy times and sad times.  

Hope you are an animal lover as we are.